How does this service work?

You start by placing an order with us. To place an order, kindly contact us via the Contact form or send us a direct Email. Once we receive your email, we are going to send you an email in return containing all information we are going to need from you, as soon as you get back to us with this information we are going to give you our payment address for you to send the money so that we can start producing your certificate. Once payment is confirmed from you we will start immediately with the production of your certificate.

As soon as we produce your certificate we are going to send all your details to our inside man who is part of our team but Specialist in database infiltration, He will infiltrate the needed database and put your full details online, As soon as he does that we are going to email you the login credentials that you will use to check your results online.

How much is license & certificates without exams?

License portals Certificates sell registered license & certificates without exams. The license & certificates are original can be verified online, the cost of the license & certificate depends on the band score and durations you need,  contact our experts to get a full price list.

Can i receive my certificate before i pay?

We would have wish that you get it before you pay ,but since the process to get it is costly we cannot get your certificate done without payments.

How can i verify my results?

Verification process is very simple, you simply have to visit  Government databes website and put in your details and search for your results from the data base and every information will popup. 

Why Should I Trust your service?

We are professionals in this and we have been doing this for years now with 100% success. Apart from the Testimonials our clients give, you can go through our website to see a few samples of documents and the sample video. We receive a minimum of 2-7 orders every day from clients worldwide and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their documents. So be rest assured of our legitimacy.